Stream Your Workouts

Stream Your Workouts Exciting NEWS for your Health!! Introducing streaming workouts from Beachbody On Demand Available Exclusively through your Team Beachbody Coach Beachbody On Demand is a new feature of the Team Beachbody Club membership that provides unlimited access to stream Beachbody’s proven fitness programs. Paid Team Beachbody Club Members will be able to work…Continue Reading

Healthy Pantry Essentials

Healthy Pantry Essentials Cooking is one of the crucial components in a successful weight loss journey. If you want to stay ahead of the game, you’re going to want to make sure that you keep healthy pantry essentials stocked up. Not only will you not have to keep running to the store, but some of…Continue Reading

Facing Your Fear of NEW Foods

Facing Your Fear of NEW Foods I know it’s not easy trying something new. It’s also scary. What have you said in the past “I don’t like …..” but in truth you’ve never actually tried it, you just know someone, or heard about it. Prior to my weight loss journey, I was not very experimental…Continue Reading

Annual Ski Trip aka Winter Workout

Annual Ski Trip aka Winter Workout In honor of our families annual ski week in Breckenridge let’s talk about burning calories with winter sports.  Most feel like hibernating during the winter, but soon, summer will be right around the corner and you’ll be wanting to show off the body you sculpted this season. So, get…Continue Reading

Sweet Treats for Valentine’s Day

Sweet treats for Valentine’s Day! It’s hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Never-mind, that it’s only a little of over a month after many people made new year’s resolutions, to eat healthier and live a healthier lifestyle! With the temptations of all these chocolates and sweets it is getting harder…Continue Reading

Never be caught off guard and hungry

Never be caught off guard and hungry With time traveling by so fast, a little planning can lead to big gains in reaching your goals.   We each have different struggles: We’re busy. We have to work, organize family activities, run errands, and make time for exercise. When do we find time to decide what to…Continue Reading

Why Are Super Foods So Super?

Why Are Super Foods So Super? From a basic perspective, adding fresh fruits and vegetables of all types to your daily diet is a very smart way to help improve your current levels of health and well-being. Fresh fruits and vegetables are so important that many national agencies and organizations have promoted the “five to…Continue Reading

Tara D ~ Shaun T’s positive toughness kept me focused

When I almost weighed 300 pounds I wouldn’t go to the Dr. out of fear for what they’d say. I tried as hard as I could to stay out of camera views because I didn’t want to look at myself. I couldn’t climb stairs. Sadly, just walking was tough. I couldn’t even walk a block…Continue Reading