Kayla G “I decided that I wanted more for myself”

Last December, I found myself feeling totally overwhelmed, discouraged, depressed, and really upset about how much weight I had gained. You see, I had a new baby—and a million excuses. I didn’t have time to go to the gym because my baby needed me. My job in the pediatric emergency department needed me. And myContinue Reading

Luz K “Now, I can keep up with my toddler”

With 70 pounds of baby weight that I couldn’t seem to lose, I knew I was heavy. But when my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic and my blood pressure was skyrocketing because I was overweight—I promised myself it would be the last time anyone said I was overweight. One night when I was soContinue Reading

Top 8 Reasons to See a Chiropractor

Top 8 Reasons to See a Chiropractor Despite being in existence almost as long as most modern medical practices, chiropractic treatment is still considered by most to be a form of alternative medicine. Many people continue to live with pain, stiffness, and soreness that could be treated using standard, accepted chiropractic techniques because they don’tContinue Reading

Jason’s coach encouraged him every step of the way

Last year I did P90X, lost 12 pounds, and felt great! Then I got busy with life, grad school, and work, fell back into a rut, ate way too much comfort food, packed on 18 pounds and felt terrible all the way around. And for the first time in my life I had high cholesterol.Continue Reading

It’s a Birthday Giveaway

It’s a Birthday Giveaway! I made it! Another trip around the sun, another year older! While I know some people hate growing older for whatever reason, I’m not one of them.  I love my birthday! Besides I’ve always thought that it’s just a number.  Also I really can’t believe that in a few days I willContinue Reading

Unlocking your potential

Unlocking your potential If you haven’t tapped into your true potential yet and there are so many things you are capable of. Perhaps you feel like don’t have enough time because you’re already juggling so many other things? Or, maybe you question if what you want is realistic and something you really can do? It’sContinue Reading

How do I Guarantee my Success

How do I guarantee my success What should I be doing today? One of the most important steps is to make sure you are organized and have a plan that will guarantee you’re taking a step forward every single day. You definitely need to create an overall action plan that lists everything you’re going toContinue Reading

Tish lost 30lbs with the help of her group and her coach

My whole life, I’ve always been the “chubby girl” in the group. I never exercised, I ate junk, and I spent a whole lot of time feeling sorry for myself. During both of my pregnancies, my eating was out of control, and I just kept getting bigger and bigger. If someone took a picture ofContinue Reading

Take a 5 minute walk after lunch each day this week.

Take a 5 minute walk after lunch each day this week. After eating, you return to work, but your body has received a great deal of calories without the opportunity to burn them off. After each meal your body naturally begins converting food into nutrients for use by your body for energy. Take a 5 minuteContinue Reading


The POWER of PiYO On June19th Beachbody unveiled PiYo®, the much-anticipated fitness innovation from celebrity trainer, Chalene Johnson. And this time, she’s completely outdone herself. What is PiYo? For starters, PiYo is a low-impact, high-intensity program that fuses elements of yoga and Pilates to get you ultra-lean and intensely-defined. But if you think you canContinue Reading