Chiropractic Care Supports a Healthy Body

Chiropractic Care Supports a Healthy Body The importance of making healthy lifestyle choices is becoming increasingly well known. Vigorous exercise, a healthy diet, and sufficient rest are key components of a healthy lifestyle, regardless of a person’s age. But in order to get the most out of the good things you’re doing on your own… Continue Reading

How much water should you really drink?

How much water should you be drinking? I really like this calculation because it’s a little higher than most which works out well for hot summer months and when you are working out. Here is how to calculate how much water you should drink a day for both health and weight loss benefits. Your weight: The… Continue Reading

Eating for Immunity

Eating for Immunity  You’ve heard the phrase “feed a cold.” It turns out the opposite may be true: Moderately restricting calories can actually enhance immune-system activity. In one study, a group of men and women who were overweight (not obese) lowered their caloric intake by 10–30 percent for six months. At the end of that… Continue Reading

Beachbody Performance

Coming Soon – Beachbody Performance Line Beachbody Performance™ is a premium supplement system that will help you turn your workout — and results — up a notch. This breakthrough addition to the Beachbody® nutrition catalogue was designed by Harvard-trained scientists and rooted in cutting-edge exercise physiology and performance nutrition research. What is Beachbody Performance? An… Continue Reading

Building a Healthy Meal Plan Part 2

Building a Healthy Meal Plan Part 2 Ok onto how I build my meals and plan for the week. Remember I’m not a dietician. I’ve run these meals through online calculators, and most of the time you’ll get plenty of all the things you’ll need, from protein and healthy fats to the major vitamins and minerals,… Continue Reading

Amarillys G. I feel like a strong and capable woman

Antes de comenzar Hip Hop Abs vivía una vida sedentaria. No tenía energía para jugar con mis hijos, ni ánimo para nada. Por mis malos hábitos alimenticios, mi salud se vio afectada y como resultado mi tiroides se descontroló y también mi colesterol llegó a un nivel alto y peligroso. No me sentía bien, y… Continue Reading

Building a Healthy Meal Plan, Part 1

The Building a Healthy Meal Plan, Part 1  Most people know how to eat healthy, and know that they should — it’s just that when it comes down to implementing this knowledge, there’s a bridge that needs to be crossed from knowledge to action. How do you actually eat healthy, instead of just knowing that… Continue Reading